GATVONLINE is a television series
 devoted to General Aviation.

Our goal at GATVONLINE is to dispel the myths about learning to fly showing how easy and affordable it is to get into aviation either as a Private Pilot or as a Sport Pilot. The show also teaches viewers how to care for their planes, how to make improvements and which upgrades add value and performance. Viewers will even learn about regular maintenance procedures, ranging from simple cleaning tips to changing their own oil.

In addition to the main features GATVONLINE has tips on Flight Planning, Weather Predictions and Training from a Certified Flight Instructor.

Occasionally, GATVONLINE will devote a segment to Flying Destinations taking viewers through the process of planning and flying a Cross Country Flight.
Dave writes, directs and produces each episode of GATVONLINE along with maintaining the GATV ONLINE website.

He is passionate about aviation, flying both fixed wing airplanes and helicopters.

Now Dave wants to share his enthusiasm for flying through his show and website hoping to get others interested in becoming pilots.
Producer/Host Dave East 2012 - GATVonline Inc.
If you like the music you hear on GATV you can contact the Artist below:
   Joe Howard
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