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Flight Training Info for Private Pilot or Sport Pilot plus:
Flight Schools
Ground School DVD's
Aircraft Rentals
and more.......
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(Jim offers Flight Trainig for Aerobatics, Spin & Upset
Recovery, Tail Wheel endorsment and more. Also "Key
Point" DVD's like seen on GATV)
(Two great online sources for Flight Training DVD's
and Pilot Supplies)
(AOPA site with lots of good info on how to get started)
(All your Insurance needs inc. Flight School and Renters)
(Another AOPA site with lots of good info on how to get started)
(Helicopter Flight Training, Aerial Photos, Rides, Special Events)
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(Seaplane Flight Training in Winter Haven, Florida)
(Fixed Wing Flight Training, Aircraft Rental, Rides,
 Full Motion Flight Simulater)
(FREE 6-month subscription to
AOPA Flight Training magazine)
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(A complete FLIGHT PLANNING ATLAS & AVIATION CHARTS for IFR / VFR flight in 1 bound book)
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