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FREE Discovery Flight
and a chance to appear on an episode of
General Aviation TeleVision
GATV has teamed up with North County Flight Training and Ocean Helicopters to offer some FREE Discovery Flights.
We are looking for one guy and one gal who have never experienced the thrill of flying so we can give them a chance to test out their wings.
 Each flight will be conducted at North County Airport in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida and the instructor will be none other than our own Pete Demers with North County Flight Training and co-host of GATVs Flight Training Tips.
If you're already a pilot we haven't left you out either. Ocean Helicopters will be taking one lucky fixed wing pilot up to get their first chance to see what flying a magic carpet (Helicopter) is all about. This flight will be with our other co-host of Flight Training Tips, Pam Landis.

Both Pam and Pete are accomplished flight instructors and a blast to be around so whoever is lucky enough to be chosen is sure to have a great time.
All three flights will be filmed for an upcoming episode of GATV, complete with on board cameras so we can capture every thrilling moment.
Here's how to WIN, it's simple:
Send an e-mail to and tell us why we should pick you, or the person you tell us about. Each entry that qualifies will be put into a random drawing and the winners get to FLY for FREE!
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